COMBAT BOOTS: So ugly that you’ve got to love them

by Emma Dibaja on August 14, 2010

I can help it, but I’ve always found it difficult to like combat boots. I’ don’t know why, really. Maybe because they reminded me too much of this military style which I’ve never really warmed into. I’ve never been a fan of studs, military jackets or laced-up anything. But something has changed in the last month, as now I’m totally liking the combat boots -style.

As I was doing a spot of shopping yesterday, I saw a cool pair of combats in a Barcelona store, which sells incredible bags, shoes and accessories. So after my visit to the store, I’ve only had my mind on these boots. And these were no basic combats. They were a mix of blue leather and suede, with some very stylish details. An incredibly nice pair of shoes, I have to admit.

As I was looking around online, I found some combat boots which I thought had something a bit more special about them. Have a look and see if you’ll be combating the coming Fall in any these powerful shoes.

1460 Doc Martens with floral detail

CO-OP Barneys New York Ruched Combat Boot

Frye Owen Lace Boot Combat Boots

All Saints Suede Stud Military Combats

La Garconne Expedition Boot

All Saints Sand Boots

For inspiration on how to style these somewhat masculine boots for a more feminine appearance, just see how some familiar faces have done it.

Rihanna and Jessica Alba sporting Combat boots

Actress Rachel Bilson matches shorts and a jeans jacket with combats/ Photo courtesy of

I for one am really liking the combat boot -look at the moment, and I feel the desire to update my shoe collections with a lasting pair of combats. The best place to get a good quality pair of combat boots would probably be a store in the line of Doc Martens which specialises in boots. But you can find them in most shoe retailers. So happy shopping, combat-style!

What do you think about combat boots? Are they too masculine and scruffy to ever be stylish?


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