Designer in Focus: The Stella McCartney Effect

by Emma Dibaja on February 1, 2013

After a long pause I’m now back with some more style catching…

I’m going through a phase right now where I’m really interested in looking at different fashion designers and what they’re currently up to in terms of the direction of their collections, and I wanted to start with no other than the woman who always knows how to make women look like women. Stella McCartney.

What I like about Stella McCartney is that she designs classy and feminine clothes while keeping the style of her creations really modest. What I mean by that is that she designs strong clothes and she uses rich fabrics and does not make too many pieces which show a lot of skin, leaving the wearer of her pieces looking feminine yet decent. That’s something really rare nowadays and very refreshing.

Stella McCartney’s latest collections, Fall 2013 and Resort 2013, have some really nice pieces among them. I chose a few for you to allow you to feast your eyes on some seriously nice clothes.

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