INDIEband – Custom made Leather Bracelets

by Emma Dibaja on February 23, 2013

I love discovering new designers and brands and letting others in on my findings. And what do you know, I have found a new brand founded and based in Finland. Let me introduce you to INDIEband.

What started out as a hobby alongside a career soon grew into a side business. The Finnish leather bracelet designer and maker Tiia started to make bracelets as gifts for her friends. She was fascinated by including a unique message in each bracelet she made, and this soon became her trademark. Very quickly, through word of mouth, without any advertisement efforts, she started to get orders from others as well. People were immediately interested in getting unique, custom made leather bracelets that came with a personal message.

What makes INDIEband so intriguing to me personally, is how it all got started and how it grew into a small business, which seems to be on the grow. I can see real potential for INDIEband to grow into an even bigger business, perhaps even employing other people as well. But for the time being it’s a one-woman show. INDIEband does not have an official website yet. The designer was initially somewhat hesitant about any online presence, but with the encouragement from friends, she created an INDIEband Facebook page. And since then INDIEband started to get more of a public face.

I really love innovative people like Tiia who have the know-how and passion to make something happen, without really being concerned whether it will one day become something big or not. I can see how the real magic is in the making of these bracelets and being able to put a smile on someones face.

To get your own INDIEband bracelet go to the INDIEband Facebook page, get in touch with the designer and have a chat with her what type of a bracelet you fancy in terms style, color and of course your unique, private message.

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Nora February 23, 2013 at 9:28 am

Wow, these are so cool! Thanks for sharing!

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