After a short break I’m back, and I come with some new goodies. I found a new brand that somehow just makes me happy.

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INDIEband Revisited

by Emma Dibaja on August 4, 2014

Do you remember when I wrote a blog post about a brand called INDIEband? Well, now I wanted to revisit the brand as they have expanded their collection to include a bigger variety of bracelets and are in the process of maybe introducing earrings as well.

I have my own bracelet, which I received last year from the artist herself. It has my son’s name stamped on it and I love it. I think I will place a new order (from the new collection), this time with the name of my beloved daughter.

Check out the earrings that are currently being tested. Lucky guinea pigs! ;)

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Bless This Mess

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Hi again, everyone. It’s been a long time, I know. My sincerest apologies for the silence on my part. But believe me, I had a good reason for it. I am now a mother to a 19 month old and a 3 month old. Taking time for anything is hard nowadays, at least momentarily. Life [...]

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INDIEband – Custom made Leather Bracelets

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I love discovering new designers and brands and letting others in on my findings. And what do you know, I have found a new brand founded and based in Finland. Let me introduce you to INDIEband. What started out as a hobby alongside a career soon grew into a side business. The Finnish leather bracelet [...]

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Designer in Focus: The Stella McCartney Effect

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After a long pause I’m now back with some more style catching… I’m going through a phase right now where I’m really interested in looking at different fashion designers and what they’re currently up to in terms of the direction of their collections, and I wanted to start with no other than the woman who [...]

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GRAIN EYEWEAR: The Coolest Sunglasses!

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Let me share with you the latest discovery of mine. I found a brand that gives “cool sunglasses” a good name. A little bit of background information on Grain Eyewear for you: All of the company’s sunglasses are hand crafted by a collection of artists and woodworkers who collaborate to create unique products. They combine [...]

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DESIGUAL: It’s in the Bag!

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Desigual, a brand, which I disliked for years, has now totally surprised me with their latest bag collection. I’m absolutely in love with a majority of their bags and would be more than happy to be the proud new owner of one of these cool totes. It’s so hard to decide which one I’d go [...]

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Tabitha Simmons: Shoes, shoes, shoes

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Loved by celebrities and laymen alike, Tabitha Simmons continues to make irresistible shoes. Whether you like flats or killer heals there’s something for every taste. I love the way she plays with the conventional by adding a hint of adventure and thus making it a bit more unconventional. For those who are not familiar with this shoe designer, Tabitha [...]

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ETRO Summer 2013 Collection

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I want to start out by saying sorry to everyone for the momentary silence on my part. I’ve been crazy busy with so many things. Not only am I preparing for the birth of my first child, I’ve very desperately tried my best to follow the NY, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks by squeezing [...]

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Jenni Kayne, Anyone?

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I’ve found a designer whose shoes I just love. Once upon a time I really liked wearing heals, but now times have changed and I’m seeing the joy of wearing flats. When there are so many beautiful flats to choose from, why on earth would I want to force my feet into heals? I just [...]

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Hövding: The Invisible Bike Helmet

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I just came across something interesting I wanted to share with you: The Invisible Bike Helmet. Hövding is a bicycle helmet unlike any other currently on the market. It’s ergonomic, it’s practical, it complies with all the safety requirements, and it’s also subtle and blends in with what else you are wearing. 2

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Catwalk vs. Real Life, Part 4

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And the last in the series… Which one do you think is rocking this cool Givenchy dress, the model or actress Kate Blanchett? 4

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Catwalk vs. Real Life, Part 3

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Which one of these ladies owns the dress, you think? 3

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Catwalk vs. Real Life, Part 2

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Here’s another one for you. In my opinion Diane Kruger does more justice to this cool Chanel creation. Hands down. She looks stunning. The dress simply looks so much better on her than on the model at the Chanel show. 2

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