DESIGUAL: It’s in the Bag!

by Emma Dibaja on October 14, 2012

Desigual, a brand, which I disliked for years, has now totally surprised me with their latest bag collection. I’m absolutely in love with a majority of their bags and would be more than happy to be the proud new owner of one of these cool totes.

It’s so hard to decide which one I’d go for. They’re all so pretty.  Some of the smaller bags are super cute while the bigger ones are simply cool. It’s a hard call.  Which one would you go for? :)

Jenni Kayne, Anyone?

by Emma Dibaja on August 26, 2012

I’ve found a designer whose shoes I just love. Once upon a time I really liked wearing heals, but now times have changed and I’m seeing the joy of wearing flats. When there are so many beautiful flats to choose from, why on earth would I want to force my feet into heals? I just wish I had more feet. ;)

Check out more Jenni Kayne shoes on her website, www.jennikayne.com. I’m very tempted to get me a pair.

Polka Dots and Leopard Print: Do they match?

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I had a debate conversation with a friend of mine yesterday about the workability of polka dots with leopard print. My friend argued that they do match while I stuck to my opinion that these two patterns just don’t go together unless you’ve done it with care and precision. Anyone who has followed my blog might [...]

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Armand Ventilo: Timeless and Classy

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As I have been wandering around my new home town Paris, I’ve had the chance to get acquainted with some cool brands and designers I wasn’t familiar with before. One of my new favorites is Armand Ventilo, a Ready-to-Wear high-end French brand started by two brothers Jacques and Armand in 1972. Now the brand has over 50 [...]

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New York Fashion: The Hit of Summer 2011

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The French fashion house of Louis Vuitton has been doing a bit revamping lately and they’ve come up with a lovely ivory and beige bag. Perfect seasonal replacement for the classic, winter brown-check bag that Louis Vuitton is known for. This design looks so much fresher. Perfect for the summer. 3

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MONKI: Ethically Correct Style From Sweden

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“North East from the Rosehip Stream, in the dazzling City of Iron and Oil the Monki breeds from the old chemicals, forgotten in the ruins on the old weaving factories. The sail from the chimneys, through the knitted clouds over the wavy sea to graze shells and become wise.” — Monki. 1

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Julian Louie for ALDO

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They’re wacky and cool, and maybe slightly a bit too much, but that’s probably why they’re so great. 2

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Spring 2011: Pleated Skirt Alert

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I’m really liking one this seasons’ hottest trends, the pleated skirt. They first caught my attention in 2010 when I saw the Spring 2011 runways, which were filled with pleated skirts. And ever since I’ve been seeing them everywhere. 5

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Designer vs. High Street: Can Money Buy Style?

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You’d think that it’s easy to look stylish when you have the luxury to choose designer over high street. But even with designer brands at your disposal I feel compelled to ask: Can money buy style? 2

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Maximise Your Life

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Do you remember a few years back when maxi skirts were super fashionable? Well, for those who kept their maxis, I have some good news. This Spring/Summer is the time to go long again, as the maxi is making a comeback. So if you want to nail the season’s key look, you should make it [...]

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The Realm of Uterqüe

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Do you know Uterqüe? 1

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Barcelona Street Style

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I live in Barcelona, one of Europe’s most vibrant and diverse cities, particularly when it comes to all the different styles and looks that can be seen on the streets. 0

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25 Years of Massimo Dutti

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One of my favourite high-street stores is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. 0

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Massimo Dutti Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Collection: When Style Matters!

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As I’ve mentioned on previous occasions, I’m a real fan of Massimo Dutti. Not only because it’s a slightly better and better-quality high-street brand, but also because I find their collections really stylish. Both the men’s and women’s collections always show a certain elegance and sophistication which is not that visible in today’s “disposable fashion”, [...]

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