After a long pause I’m now back with some more style catching…

I’m going through a phase right now where I’m really interested in looking at different fashion designers and what they’re currently up to in terms of the direction of their collections, and I wanted to start with no other than the woman who always knows how to make women look like women. Stella McCartney.

What I like about Stella McCartney is that she designs classy and feminine clothes while keeping the style of her creations really modest. What I mean by that is that she designs strong clothes and she uses rich fabrics and does not make too many pieces which show a lot of skin, leaving the wearer of her pieces looking feminine yet decent. That’s something really rare nowadays and very refreshing.

Stella McCartney’s latest collections, Fall 2013 and Resort 2013, have some really nice pieces among them. I chose a few for you to allow you to feast your eyes on some seriously nice clothes.

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Crazy Pant Legs: Yay or Nay?

by Emma Dibaja on October 26, 2012

What do you think about these excessively long and wide pant legs? Cool or a bit too alienish?

Leather on Wool

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I just love the mix of leather with other fabrics. Softer materials can really take the edge off leather. So unless you’re aim is to go for the hard look, this is the perfect way to incorporate a touch of leather to your outfit. This Zara leather and wool jacket is gorgeous. Definitely one of [...]

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Style Tip of the Day: From Scarf to Vest

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I think one of the coolest ways you can utilize a scarf is by making it something other than its original purpose. So I just wanted to share with you what I often do with scarves. I take some of my favorite scarves, doesn’t matter what shape it is just as long as it’s long enough, and I pop [...]

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Jenni Kayne, Anyone?

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I’ve found a designer whose shoes I just love. Once upon a time I really liked wearing heals, but now times have changed and I’m seeing the joy of wearing flats. When there are so many beautiful flats to choose from, why on earth would I want to force my feet into heals? I just [...]

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Tunics: How to Do it Right!

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I was just walking in town and as we’re in summer I could not help but notice the sheer amount of tunics worn over figure-hugging or bootcut pants or leggings by women of all shapes and sizes. But what struck me the most was how not too many women know how to choose THE right shapes for [...]

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Polka Dots and Leopard Print: Do they match?

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I had a debate conversation with a friend of mine yesterday about the workability of polka dots with leopard print. My friend argued that they do match while I stuck to my opinion that these two patterns just don’t go together unless you’ve done it with care and precision. Anyone who has followed my blog might [...]

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Aurélie Bidermann: Soulful French Jewelry Design

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By wandering around the beautiful jewelry stores of Paris I came across a designer I had not heard of before. But by looking at her current and past collections, the question  remained, why was this the first time I’m hearing of her? 4

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Hermes Tiger Royal Printing Silky City Bag: THE bag for the summer!

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Apologies to you, my loyal followers, for my recent silence. My new life in Paris has kept me super occupied. Not only have I had my fare share of things that I have had to do to get my life started here, but I’ve also been busy scouting the streets of Paris in search of [...]

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Armand Ventilo: Timeless and Classy

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As I have been wandering around my new home town Paris, I’ve had the chance to get acquainted with some cool brands and designers I wasn’t familiar with before. One of my new favorites is Armand Ventilo, a Ready-to-Wear high-end French brand started by two brothers Jacques and Armand in 1972. Now the brand has over 50 [...]

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Paris, la Belle Ville de Lumière et d’Amour – The Beautiful City of Lights and Love

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After several months of silence, I’m back in business. The business of style, that is. The last months since the end of 2011 has been a time of some major changes in my life. I decided to leave Barcelona, the city I called home for 5 years, and start a new life in the fashion [...]

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Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…

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First of all let me start by saying that some of you might have a noticed a certain silence on my part in the past month or so. Let me clarify what I’ve been up to… 5

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Antik Batik’s Take on Autumn/Winter 2011

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It’s September. We could say that summer is officially coming to an end. I spent the month of August in search of cool new styles, wandering around the streets of Europe. And boy did I see a lot… 3

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Statement Necklaces

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Bold statement jewellery is big news this season. As I’ve been spending the previous week in search of style in different parts of southern Europe, one thing I’ve noticed is that you can make a real impression with jewellery alone. And this season it’s all about wearing unique collar necklaces. With loads of stunning necklaces [...]

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