Style Alphabet: F for Fashion

by Emma Dibaja on February 25, 2011

I was following the rundown of Fashion Week first in New York, then in London and now in Milan, and I couldn’t help but think about fashion.

Fashion without a doubt plays a huge part in our lives nowadays. I think it’s become almost socially unacceptable not to have some sort of knowledge of what’s happening on the fashion scene, whether you were actually involved in fashion or not. I for one don’t work in the fashion industry, but I like to keep an eye out for all the latest fashion happenings. I’m interested in seeing how fashion changes over time. I find it stimulating how it actually shapes peoples’ lives.

There’s no denying the fact that fashion is becoming a more and more intrinsic part of daily life. I mean, take a look at the role of fashion let’s say a few centuries ago. At no other point in time have people had so much “spare” time as they do now to invest in fashion (in all it’s forms). Our lives are becoming less demanding on some fronts and that’s allowing us to focus on modern, daily matters such as fashion. And whether you admit it or not, we’re all shaped by fashion in one way or another. Even by saying that you don’t follow fashion, you’re making a consious decision not to follow it. That in itself says that you’ve given it some thought, at least enough to exclude yourself from the fashion scene and say that fashion is not a part of your life.

And it’s precisely for that reason why I find fashion so interesting. It’s like a “mass movement”, of sort, that has the ability to spread like wildfire. Pretty phenomenal…

Eco, organic, sustainable… There are all terms we keep hearing a lot these days. As sustainability is something I find important, one that I try to incorporate in my own style to the best of my ability,  I wanted to read a bit more about “eco-fashion” and how we can combine style with respect for nature, and how to look good and not lose our integrity.

When Quality Counts, Choose Designer

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Just Cavalli Pre-Fall 2010 The countdown of my Style Alphabet continues with the fourth letter in my alphabet, D, which for me, without much soul-searching, stands for stylish, high-end Designer brands. ADAM pre-Fall 2010 When it comes to making an effort and looking stylish, I guess I’m a bit of a lady. I just tend [...]

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The Style Alphabet: C for Classics

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Balmain Spring 2010 on the Runway I think one of the best style advice I’ve ever passed on is to count on classics. What do I mean with classics? I mean the basic, classical, timeless pieces that every wardrobe should have, such as a white shirt, black dress, cute cardigans, to list a few. The [...]

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The Style Alphabet: B for ‘Be Bold’

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Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture 2010 One very important element about style, for me, is knowing who you are, and showing it to others with confidence and boldness, be it with the way you speak, dress or carry yourself. And I think that when these are in order, other things just fall into place and [...]

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The Style Alphabet: A for Accessories

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I’ve always thought that accessories are one of the key elements in a person’s style. How and what you choose to compliment your look gives away slight hints of what type of a person you are. I’m a peoplewatcher. I love to see what people are wearing and what their styles say about them. I [...]

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